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SAS Shoes FAQs

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Are SAS Shoes Medicare and Diabetic Approved?
Yes, most SAS Shoes are Medicare and Diabetic approved shoes. Although certain SAS styles are deemed Medicare-approved, SAS retail stores are not responsible for filing Medicare paperwork. Please check directly with Medicare or your healthcare provider for instructions on how to file your claim.
Do SAS Shoes fit orthotics?
Yes, most SAS Shoes come in slim to wide-wide and fit orthotics.
Are SAS Shoes recommended by Podiatrists?
Yes, SAS Shoes are recommended by podiatrists for people with diabetes, and foot or back pain.
Do you carry the complete line of SAS Shoes?
Yes. In fact, as the only SAS Shoes concept store in the Central Valley we carry more sizes, styles and colors than the other stores and we receive the newest styles first.

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